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"Top Ten Artists" Coagula Curatorial Gallery

January 2016

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Hatchfund Campaign "Art as Provocateur" end date 11/3/15

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St. John’s Health Center “St. John’s Art Wall”, Permanent digital art        collection & exhibition, Howard Keck Diagnostic and Treatment        Center, Santa Monica, CA.     


Private Collection Ontario, CA            


Private Collection Long Beach, CA                                        


WCNY, New York, The “24 Collection”  Artwork was a part of                   traveling show that exhibited at: The Schweinfurth Memorial            Art Center, Auburn, NY, MWPI School of Art, Utica, NY and             Everson Museum f Art, Syracuse, NY




2012   Gregory Peters, “101 Tips to Sell More Art”, Amazon Digital            Services, Inc., March 1, 2012.

2010   “I Am Artist, Michele Vavonese”, Art is Moving, access date:             October 27, 2010.             am-artist-michele-vavonese.html

2010   “Michele Vavonese”, Sack magazine, access date: September             27, 2010.                  vavonese-studio-in-long-beach


Awards & Honors


2011   Animal Acres "Compassionate Company", Michele Vavonese            Studio was one of 11 companies awarded the title                               “Compassionate Company” for the year 20112, by farm                      animal sanctuary, Animal Acres (Acton, CA) for recognition               in animal activism through art.

2006  Community Leadership Honor, awarded by Long Beach 8th                 District Councilwoman Rae Gabelich for significant                           contributions to the community through excellence in                         teaching.           

Artist Statement


By choosing themes that spark public consciousness and focusing on subjects that stimulate conversation, I seek to engage my viewers. Using a variety of mediums the artwork endeavors to explore any relationship between art, culture, activism, social psychology and self-awareness. 

Imagery mirrors sentiment. At times visceral and raw, with deep cuts in the surface, bold contrasting colors and paint peeled from the edges. At other times quiet and serene, with smooth blended brush strokes and calm natural colors, it reflects the subject and theme of the piece.

Selected Exhibition History

2016 "Top Ten Artists", group exhibition, Coagula Curatorial               Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 


2015 "MASque Attack", group exhibition, Temporary Space,               Los Angeles, CA

2015 "Animal Spirit" group exhibition, Location 1980 Gallery,             Costa Mesa, CA

2015 “Exhibition” EXPO Arts Center, group exhibition, Long              Beach, CA


2015  “Contemporary Woman in Art” group exhibition, Chico

            Art Center, Chico CA


2013  “Women’s Day Festival”, group exhibition, digital                        display, Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA),

            Long Beach, CA

2013  "26th Annual Hearts & Flowers”, group exhibition, The                Folk Tree, Pasadena, CA

2012 “Art Takes Times Square”, group digital exhibition                      Times Square, NY

2010 “Political Art, Critical Views 5: A New Generation”, group             exhibition, Red Sun Press, Boston, MA

2009 “Michele Vavonese”, solo exhibition, Americana                           Restaurant. East Village, Long Beach, CA

2009  “The Sketchbook Project”, group exhibition, nationwide               touring group art show with venues at: Museum of           

            Art DC, Washington DC - 3rd Ward        

            Gallery, Brooklyn, NY – Chicago Art Source Gallery,                  Chicago, IL – Antena Gallery, Chicago, IL – Laconia                 Gallery, Boston, MA – Art  House Gallery, Atlanta GA –             Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA), Atlanta GA –                      Soulard Art Market, St. Lois, MO – Chris’ Jazz Café,                  Philadelphia, PA         

2009  “The Scavenger Project”, group exhibition, Art House                   Gallery, LLC in Atlanta, GA                            

2007  "2007 Retrospective”, group exhibition,, Oasis Gallery,                 Long Beach, CA


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